About Our Dealership

Welcome to Heinen Motorsports!

The world's ONLY 4th Generation family-owned motorsports dealer! Established in 1899!

The incredible Heinen family history:

Heinen family 1899

John N. Heinen (the 1st) settled here from Luxemburg. He started the first "Heinen's" in 1899 in Rogers, MN just a few miles north of our Osseo location. The little boy in the bottom/middle is John N. Heinen (the 2nd), who started the Osseo Location in the mid-'30s.

John Heinen

John had an extremely strong work ethic which came from the tough farming background of early years. He was the one who brought motorsports to the dealership back in 1963 and set the foundation to where this company is today. We want to say a huge thank you to all of his customers and friends who supported him over the years. So many of you have mentioned what a great guy he was. John Heinen Jr passed away March 6th, 2014 at his home in Osseo.

Paul Heinen and his wife April. They met in 7th Grade! Paul started working full time at the dealership when he was 15 years old, and continuing working full time all the way through high school and college. He worked in every facet of the dealership, starting as a sweeper, helping set-up farm irrigation, mechanic, parts person, and finally taking over his father's ownership in 1994 when John finally had enough! With his passion for motorsports, he took this little farm store/dealership and grew it to be the largest volume Polaris dealer on the planet by 1999. Polaris only made ATVs and Snowmobiles so Paul sought out motorcycles and watercraft. He added Husqvarna Motorcycles in 1999, Yamaha and Arctic Cat in 2003, Suzuki in 2004, MV Agusta in 2007, Kymco in 2010, Tige' boats in 2011, Honda and Kawasaki in 2020! Paul changed the name of the company from Heinen & Mason, to "Heinen's, and Heinen Motorsports" in 2003.

Paul Heinen

Road Trip!

Over 24000 miles! NO freeways, ALL backroads to Yellowstone, Cooke City, Deadwood, Estes Park, Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, Route 66, Death Valley, Carmel PCH highway, Grand Canyon, Avon, Tail of the Dragon, Blue Ridge Highway, are just some of the many places Paul toured 2018 & 2019!